Print Prices are as follows
4 wallets or 8 mini wallets - $10.00
4x6 - $6.00
5x7 - $8.00
8x10 or 8 x12-$12.00
10x13 -$17.00
11x14 -$24.00
16x20 -$40.00
20x24 -$60.00
20x30 -$ 80.00
Canvas prints Make beautiful pieces of art on your walls. And are made to last forever Priced as follows:
8x10 -$110
11x14 -$140
16x20 -$180
20x24 - $225
20x30 - $275
Gallery Mats are wonderful for engagement party's or wedding's. The guest's sign the mat frame around the print. Makes a wonderful keepsake. Priced as follows:
8x10 Print set in an 11x14 Gallery mat -$80
11x14 Print set in a 16x20 Gallery Mat - $100
Gallery Wraps Available, pricing upon request.
Payments for prints are due when the order is placed.
There is a $8.00 Shipping fee for each order.